Goodyear Lubricants Taiwan




Goodyear Lubricants not only meet but surpass industry standards, securing vital certifications. They help provide premium quality and are meticulously crafted to help deliver good protection for high-performance engines available in the market.

1. Strict Quality Standards

All Goodyear Lubricants products adhere to strict quality standards. The three-step process of product design, laboratory testing, and manufacturing, is supervised in every step of the way.

2. Wide Product Range

Goodyear Lubricants offers a wide range of products, including but not limited to passenger car motor oil, motorcycle oil, heavy duty diesel engine oil, specialized additives, gear oil, industrial lubricants and greases. Choose from products for your car, motorcycle, industrial equipment and more.

3. OEM Approved Additive Packages

At Goodyear Lubricants, we always use the OEM approved additive packages to ensure that our products meet all the latest manufacturer requirements. Check the approvals detailed on each product label and choose the right oil for your need, or simply contact us to seek our advice.

4. Authenticity

All authorized Goodyear Lubricants products feature a hologram sticker, which includes the serial number as a reference for authenticity. Don’t forget to check the hologram sticker before you buy!

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