Goodyear Lubricants Taiwan

15W-40 CF-4

Premium Motor Oil

Product Overview:

Good oxidation & thermal stability reduces sludge build up and keeps the engine cleaner. Optimum wear protection to extend engine efficiency and service life. Improved fuel economy, due to high fluidity at low temperatures. Optimum TBN reserves provide improved acid neutralization and corrosion protection, especially in old heavy duty diesel engines.

Specification level or performance:
  • API CF-4, CF, SJ
  • ACEA E2
  • MTU OIL Category 1
  • MAN 270/271
  • Deutz DQC –I-05
  • MB 228.0/228.1
71-154006-20 15W-40 CF-4 20L
71-154006-200 15W-40 CF-4 200L
71-154006-208 15W-40 CF-4 208L

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