Goodyear Lubricants Taiwan

4 Stoke Motorbike Fuel System Improver


Product Overview:

Goodyear Motorbike Fuel System Improver is a powerful cleaning agent that helps to fight against harmful deposits and help to remove water from fuel systems. It helps to improve fuel economy, increase fuel octane rating, engine performance and horsepower. The Motorbike Fuel System Improver can help improve fuel emissions, as well as minimize engine knocking and vibration.

  • Powerful cleaning agent.
  • Helps to fight harmful deposits.
  • Helps to eliminate water from fuel systems.
  • Helps to effectively improve fuel economy.
  • Helps to increase fuel octane rating.
  • Helps to boost engine performance and horsepower.
  • Helps to improve fuel emissions.
  • Helps to minimize engine knocking and vibration.

1 bottle can be used to treat between 8 and 12 liters of gasoline.

71-000005 4 Stoke Motorbike Fuel System Improver 50 ml

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