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Metal Surface Treatment


Product Overview:

With its advanced exclusive formulation, Metal Surface Treatment adheres to the metal surface, affecting only the metal without tainting the quality of the oil. In engines, it helps to reduce wear, increase engine horsepower and torque.

  • Helps to prevent engine wear during dry starts.
  • Helps to improve engine endurance.
  • Helps to eliminate water from fuel systems.
  • Add 30ml to the engine (mix with 1L) to help prevent engine wear during high-velocity operations, reduce engine noise and help recover engine power. The treatment helps to prevent engine wear during dry starts and extend engine life. Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Adding 20ml to the fuel (mix with 80L) can help lubricate and seal the upper part of the engine, helping to enhance the cylinder pressure.
  • Adding 50ml to the power steering (mix with 1L) can help reduce noise and prevent shuddering.
  • Adding 100ml to the transmission can help provide smooth gear changing and prevent certain instances of sudden unintended acceleration.
  • Adding 200ml to the hydraulic oil (mix with 10L) can help prevent excessive wear related to oil pressure, and help prolong the hydraulic pump’s life.
71-000006 Metal Surface Treatment 50 ml

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